Randall Avers et Benoît Albert, Guitare (Les Frères Méduses)

Les Frères Méduses
« One of the most imaginative and exciting classical guitar duos performing today. »
– Guitar International
Hailed as “Spontaneous and engaging” , Les Frères Méduses bring a versatile and unconventional voice to the world of classical guitar.   Their programming melds new guitar works along with traditional folk arrangements, composition and free improvisation.  They have composed and performed for a variety of productions including theatrical events, art installations, silent film concerts as well as traditional duo concerts.  
The collaboration between French guitarist Benoît Albert and American guitarist Randall Avers began at the Paris Conservatory where, as students, they were awarded the 1ère prix for Chamber Music (1999).  The duo rejoined in 2008 under the pseudonym « Les Frères Méduses” (The Jellyfish Brothers) with the purpose of expanding the duo repertoire and reaching a broader audience.  Classical Guitar Magazine writes “the chemistry between the two guitarists is palpable, as they trade melodic bits, finish each other’s thoughts, so to speak, and effortlessly entwine their parts over an ever-changing landscape.”
“Les Frères Méduses” have released three recordings: Still Life (2019), Signature (2019) and Modern Guitar Duets (2013).  In 1995, they introduced their seminar “Free Improvisation with Silent Film” to conservatories and music schools in the US, France and Norway.  GFA Guitar Summit Director Chuck Hulihan writes: “the experience was transformational. You literally took a group of strangers and in a short amount of time, made them not only creative artists, but perhaps most importantly you made them a team. The activities you detailed so well and demonstrated so enthusiastically allowed the students to let their guards down, be vulnerable, and in the end be free to create with their imagination and skills.”
Highlights in 2022 include a US tour of their film score “The Unknown” with violinist Jennifer Choi (New York, Lexington, Austin).  The film was originally released in 1927, starring Lon Chaney Sr. and Joan Crawford, directed by Tod Browning.  They will also perform their work “Mekanisk” in France; a theatrical work that introduces audiences to the imaginative short films of Georges Méliès.    
Les Frères Méduses are sponsored by Saverez Strings and represented by Dan McDaniel Agency, LLC.  Their compositions are available at Productions D’oz.  Randall Avers is an instructor at Asker Kulturskole in Norway, and Benoit Albert is Guitar Professor at la Conservatoire de Toulouse.