Nadja Nevolovitsch, violon


Praised by the press for her high musical sensitivity and purity of interpretations, violinist Nadja Nevolovitsch performs regularly in famous concert halls, such as De Singel in Antwerp, Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Concertgebouw in Bruges, Casa da Musica in Porto, Victoria Hall in Geneva, Philharmonia in St. Petersburg and the Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv.

Nadja made her debut as a soloist with St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra at the age of 11. Since then, she has performed with numerous orchestras, including the Lithuanian National Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock, New Russia State Symphony Orchestra, Baden-Badener Philharmonie, Camerata Menuhin, Harmos Festival Orchestra and has worked with conductors such as Rudolf Werthen, Shlomo Mintz, Dirk Vermeulen, Ronald Zollman, Andrej Petrenko and Ivo Venkov.

Highlights of the season 2014/2015 include her debut at Konzerthaus Berlin and the release of her new CD with Peter Van de Velde.

Nadja Nevolovitsch won numerous prizes at international competitions such as the Henri Wieniawsky competition in Poland and the Toshiya Eto competition in Tokyo. She won 1st prize at the national German competition “Jugend musiziert” in 2001 and had successes in 3 consecutive competitions in 2005, a year in which she won 2nd prize as well as the children’s jury prize and the special prize for the best interpretation of a contemporary piece at the Sion-Valais international competition in Switzerland, the 2nd prize, audience prize and several special awards at the Queen Sophie Charlotte international competition in Germany and 1st prize at the European Competition for Young Soloists in Luxembourg.

An enthusiastic chamber musician, Nadja Nevolovitsch was the 1st violinist of the Menuhin Academy string quartet in 2011. That same year, she won the 1st prize and the audience prize at the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc quartet competition in France.

She has performed with artists including Yuri Bashmet, Lynn Harrell, Thomas Brandis, Evelinde Trenkner, Diemut Poppen, Martin Ostertag, Máté Szücs and Viktoria Lakissova and has appeared at renowned festivals, including Festival International de Musique Sion-Valais in Switzerland, Chamber Music Connects the World in Kronberg (Germany), Scharwenka festival in Szamotuly (Poland) and Internationales Lübecker Kammermusikfest in Germany, where she has been regularly invited to perform various unknown works over the past few years.

From her early childhood, Nadja Nevolovitsch has formed a duo with her sister Marianna Nevolovitsch (piano) and since 2010 she has also joined forces with organist Peter Van de Velde, with whom she recorded her latest CD: “Encounters” (Aeolus, 2012). The album received excellent reviews.

Born in St. Petersburg into a family of musicians, Nadja Nevolovitsch started playing the violin at the age of 6. After her first years of education at the Specialized Music School for gifted children in St. Petersburg, she moved to Germany with her family. There, she entered the class of Zakhar Bron in Lübeck. She would later also study with Anna Netchiporouk-Bron, Thomas Brandis and Liviu Prunaru.

From 2004 to 2008, Nadja studied with Igor Oistrakh at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels where she obtained her Masters degree with greatest distinction, followed by the soloist degree (Konzertexamen) in 2013 at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock, where she attended Petru Munteanu’s class. She received further musical impulses and guidance from Ivry Gitlis.

In the period 2008-2009, Nadja Nevolovitsch was a teaching assistant with Igor Oistrakh at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In the past few years, she has given masterclasses at the “Pipes for Peace” festival in Cairo and at the Rimsky-Korsakov Academy in Brussels, where she has been a guest-teacher since 2012.

Nadja Nevolovitsch currently plays a violin by Camillus Camilli, made in Mantua in 1731, which she received on loan from the German musical instrument foundation “Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben”, Hamburg.

Bertrand Giraud, piano


Lauréat de différents concours nationaux et internationaux : Concours FLAME, Concours Chopin du Texas aux U.S.A (2°prix en 1996 et 1997) et Concours Miloz MAGIN en Italie, la carrière de Bertrand GIRAUD s’est accomplie sous le signe de la diversité. Soliste confirmé, il a tout aussi bien travaillé avec de nombreux orchestres (Lodz Philharmonique, Lublin Philharmonique, Orchestre symphonique du Sodre, Orchestre provincial de Rosario…), qu’en collaboration avec d’autres solistes tels MM. CANINO, PASQUIER, DEMARQUETTE, FLAMMER, FROMANGER, PIERLOT, AMOYAL. Il s’est également produit avec l’Octuor de France ou des solistes d’orchestre dans différentes formations. Il a su compléter la diversité de ses engagements, en assurant la création de nouvelles compositions.


Régulièrement invité lors de festivals en France (Cité de la Musique, salle Cortot..) mais aussi à l’étranger, Bertrand GIRAUD s’est produit un peu partout dans le monde : en Europe, ( Allemagne, Andorre, Angleterre, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Chypre, Espagne, Hongrie, Italie, Kazakhstan, Macédoine, Norvège, Pologne, Roumanie (athéneo de Bucarest), Russie, Portugal, Serbie, Suisse, en Argentine, Uruguay (Téatro Solis), Amérique du Nord (USA et Canada), ainsi qu’en Corée, Japon, Singapour,Taiwan et Thaïlande.

Doublement diplômé par les Conservatoires Nationaux Supérieurs de Paris et de Genève, Bertrand GIRAUD a suivi une formation très complète en solfège, écriture, analyse, improvisation, pianoforte et mélodie. Il a complété ce cursus en suivant les master-classes d’ A. SCHIFF, C. HELLFER, S. PERTICAROLI, V. REPIN.

Ses rencontres avec Madame C.ZERAH et Messieurs B. CANINO et A.DELLE VIGNE ont été déterminantes pour son évolution.


La reconnaissance de son talent l’a conduit à collaborer avec France-Musique, lors du Festival MUSICORA, ainsi qu’avec la télévision italienne et thaïlandaise où, lors d’un concert en direct, la Reine de Thaïlande lui a adressé de chaleureux éloges.  Il a enregistré 17 ces pour Erol, Maguelone et Anima-Records . Il est jury de concours nationaux et internationaux ( Porto, Bitola, Marsala, AMA CALABRIA, préselection du concours de Sydney….). Il donne des masterclass à Belgrade, Passau et Astana ( Academy of music /Kazakhstan ).

Enfin, il est directeur artistique du Concours International de musique Jean FRANCAIX, de l’Académie d’été de Colombes et opus 74 a Flaine.




Born in 1971, Bertrand GIRAUD obtained his Piano Diploma and his Chamber Music Diploma in 1995 with « Mention Très Bien » at the Conservatory of Geneva in Dominique MERLET ‘s Class. He also obtained a Vocal Accompaniment Diploma from the Paris Conservatory. Since 1995, his main teachers have been maestro Bruno CANINO, Colette ZERAH, and Aquiles DELLE VIGNE, all of which were paramount in his artistic evolution. Under their supervision, Mr. Giraud studied chamber music, accompaniment, composition, musical analysis, and improvisation.

Mr. Giraud has won numerous national and international musical contests, such as the Flame Competition and the Chopin Piano Competition (Texas, USA), in which he was awarded the second prize.


Mr Giraud has performed not only in Europe (France, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Germania, Cyprus, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Norway, Poland Austria, Italy, Roumania, Russia, Spain, Serbie and Switerland), but also in the two Americas, Japan, Korea, Singapur, Taiwan, and Thailandia.

An experienced soloist, he has worked with numerous conductors and orchestra (lodz philharmonic, Lublin philharmonic Orchestre symphonique du Sodre, Orchestre provincial de Rosario, …) and played in several duets with other well-known musicians and chamber groups, such as Pierre AMOYAL, Bruno CANINO, Bruno PASQUIER, Henri DEMARQUETTE, Ami FLAMMER, Philippe PIERLOT, Benoit FROMANGER and L’ Octuor de France, among others.

Also, he played with some orchestra’s of Paris or Cleveland soloists in the season of the orchestra. Many players of the frenchs orchestras ask his collaboration for concerts in the official season.


In 2000, he did his debut at New York, city where he is now invited on a regular basis. The acknowledgement of his craftsmanship lead him to work with France-Musiques, as well as the American TV, Italian TV and Thai TV. In this last instance, he had the pleasure to perform for the Queen of Thaîland.

He is jugde for many nationals and internationals competition (Audition of Sydney, Porto, Marsala, AMA CALABRIA, Bitola…)

In addition to possessing a wide solo and chamber repertory including the main works of the tonal repertoire, Mr. Giraud has championed new music written by composers like Francaix, Pessina, and Kutnowski. He has also commisioned and premiered a new work written for him by composer Jean Louis PETIT.


Since 1998, he is the artistic Director of the Jean FRANCAIX ‘s competition.

Mr. Giraud has recorded 17 cds for Erol, Maguelone and Anima-Records. All of these releases were received with acclaim in the especialized

He gives many masterclass in Serbie, Germania, Kazakhstan ( Academy of music of Astana), USA.





– ANIMA-RECORDS : «Romanza» (DuyThong NGUYEN, contreténor)


– ANIMA-RECORDS : TOKAYER (Intégrale /1ere Mondiale)

– ANIMA-RECORDS : BACRI, JANSEN, FORGET, KUTNOWSKI (Frédéric CHATOUX, flûte, Delphine Biron, violoncelle)

– ANIMA-RECORDS : GREIF (Delphine Biron, violoncelle, Mathieu Godefroy violon, Frédéric Chatoux flûte, Alexandre Chabod clarinette)





– EROL : SCHUMANN/FRANCK (Jean-Baptiste BRUNIER, alto) 4/5 Classica ( Novembre 2003 )

– MAGUELONE : Intégrale L.E. JADIN (Frédéric CHATOUX, flûte) 4 étoiles Le Monde de la Musique (février 2005) volume 1.

– MAGUELONE : Intégrale L.E. JADIN (Frédéric CHATOUX, flûte) volume 2 «Bridge to the Past» Auto production: FRANCAIX/ KUTNOWSKI/ DEBUSSY.

– LORELEY : Fantaisies d’Opéra ( Frédéric CHATOUX, flûte )

– ENTREMUSES : La Musique des Animaux

Masao Kitsutaka, piano


After graduating from the Music High School of the Faculty of Music of Tokyo University of the Arts, Masao Kitsutaka took his undergraduate degree from the University with top honors.


He has won prizes at international competitions, including first prize at the 65th Music Competition of Japan, first prize at the International Piano Competition of Ile-de-France, and third prize at the Robert William and Florence Amy Brant International Pianoforte Competition (Birmingham, UK).


As a scholarship recipient of the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists in 2001, he entered the Conservatoire de Musique de Genève and received the soloist diploma. He furthered his studies at the Early Music department of the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris, where he specialized in fortepiano and graduated with highest honors by unanimous decision of the judges.


He studied piano under Katsumi Dairaku, Katsumi Ueda, Klaus Schilde and Dominique Merlet, and fortepiano under Patrick Cohen. He has appeared on TV and radio, such as Mezzo (European Cable TV), Piano Pia, Super Piano Lesson (NHK), and Meikyoku Recital (NHK-FM).


He has performed with many orchestras including the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, the Sapporo Symphony Orchestra, and the New Japan Philharmonic.


In addition to his performance activities, he is adjunct professor at Ferris University and at Musashino Academia Musicae.

Murielle Petit, piano


Après avoir remporté un premier prix de piano au Conservatoire National de Région de Tours, Murielle RICHARD-PETIT étudie au C.N.R. de Boulogne-Billancourt où elle obtient un premier prix à l’unanimité de piano dans la classe de Marie-Paule SIRUGUET et plusieurs prix de musique de chambre (diverses formations) dans la classe de Hortense CARTIER-BRESSON.


En 1993, elle remporte un premier prix au Concours Régional d’Ile de France avec le trio « Notturno » (violon, violoncelle, piano). Elle suit les cours d’interprétation de Dominique MERLET, Jean-Claude PENNETIER puis se perfectionne auprès de Hortense CARTIER-BRESSON et de Colette ZERAH.


Elle se produit régulièrement en soliste et en musique de chambre. Titulaire du Certificat d’Aptitude de piano, elle enseigne actuellement à l’Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse de Chartres. Depuis 1998, elle est également accompagnatrice de la maîtrise de l’E.N.M.D. de Chartres dirigée par Philippe FREMONT.


Ouvert à tous les instrumentistes, jeunes et adultes en fin de 1er, 2e et 3e cycles (amateurs)

Formule 1 : Inscription à la musique de chambre seule : cours quotidiens, travail pour chaque élève.

Formule 2 : Inscription couplée avec l’instrument : 5 cours. Cette formule n’est ouverte qu’aux étudiants déjà inscrits au stage dans une classe d’instrument.

Les oeuvres travaillées auront été déchiffrées avant le stage. Contacter nous le plus tôt possible pour la constitution des groupes et le choix du répertoire.


Programme semaine 1

« A little Jazz Mass » de Bob Chilco
Accompagnement réalisé par un quatuor a cordes professionnel.

Concert le vendredi 24 Juillet 2020.

Programme semaine 2

« Magnificat » de John Rutter.

Concert le Vendredi 31 Juillet 2020


Toute personne désirant découvrir ou redécouvrir ces œuvres majeures du répertoire vocal. Pas de distinction de niveau.
Outils : possibilité de fournir des fichiers de travail audio en amont de l’académie, à l’issue de votre inscription.

Tarif : 100 euros

Présentation du stage de musique Opus 74

Le stage de musique OPUS 74 est destinée aux amateurs, comme aux élèves de conservatoires. Les stagiaires bénéficient de cours instrumentaux individuels. De nombreux studios de travail avec piano sont à la disposition des pianistes. Les instrumentistes pourront également y travailler seuls ou avec accompagnateur. Le nombre de cours et la durée sont décidés par les professeurs.

En vous inscrivant au stage, vous pourrez assister librement aux cours publics et enseignements dispensés par les différents pédagogues sous réserve de leur accord.

OPUS 74 à Flaine a pour but de promouvoir un enseignement musical de haut niveau, de permettre des rencontres musicales dans un cadre permettant aux stagiaires de s’épanouir pleinement, d’animer la vie du site par de nombreux concerts dans un merveilleux auditorium. Elle est également ouverte à des amateurs adultes et intéressés par la rencontre avec ces artistes et l’émulation qu’elle provoque. Le cadre offert par la montagne est particulièrement propice au développement musical de chacun.