Some concerts of the year 2016, including the famous Galop-Marche Lavignac.

Some concerts 2016

In 2016, 74 Opus course opens to the visual arts, with courses pinhole photography, and acrylic paint. COURSES PHOTO-PAINT PIN HOLE COURSE ACRYLIC

Visual arts

And Opus 74, it's always good mood, friendliness and artistic exchanges that will continue outside Flaine. Highly July 2016!

2015 Promotion

A series of concerts in 2015 has shown the talent of the musicians, the variety of instruments and good mood. We were fortunate to host this year a Jazz workshop which contributed to musical diversity. Photo copyright: © Regis Lardenois - Flaine Association 2015

The concerts 2015

This year, eight concerts that took place in the course Opus 74, in the auditorium of Flaine. These concerts were added to the in-house auditions. Each time, between 200 and 300 people came to attend piano recitals, singing, [...]

The concerts 2014

With a net increase in the number of students enrolled and about 80 74 Opus course participants, this year was the opportunity to share moments of conviviality. Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Lithuania, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Brazil, ... a beautiful world tour took place in Flaine. We hope to see you next year, [...]

Edition 2014: 11 nationalities appointment

of classrooms and working studios available! Infrastructure in an out of the ordinary! Many concerts by teachers as students! Walks and unforgettable scenery! Moments of conviviality! A case of [...]

Flaine photos is:

The music workshop OPUS 74 is for lovers, as the conservatory students. Students receive individual instrumental lessons. Many studios working with piano are available to pianists. Instrumentalists will also be working alone or with a guide. The number of courses and [...]

Opus Music Internship presentation 74

Andrei Diev gave the Opus 74 La at the launch concert, joined by Bertrand Giraud for four hands in the second part. We will particularly note his resumption of a composition of De Falla: "The Dance of Crazy Mobiles". Apart from his interpretation, it is the piano itself that [...]

Focus on the concert 2013 launch

This July saw the birth of a new musical event that was open to both amateurs and professionals: the Opus music workshop 74. This course was held in Flaine in Haute-Savoie (74), and hosted for the first edition of the talents of musicians. Opus 74 proposes to take [...]

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